Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bows & What Knot

OK, I almost had to delete this and repost it! Why, you ask? Because I am SO superstitious when it comes to the number 13! So what does the number 13 have to do with anything? Well...I am participating in the Kelly's Korner blog carnival again this week and I was the 13th person to post to her site! What are the odds? Kelly gets a LOT of entries!!! Anyway, this week's carnival is "Show Us Your Life - What Do You Make?" I make bows :) Although I do all sorts of styles, these are among my favorites to design.

Custom Made to Match

Holiday Themed (I do all holidays!)

Sports Teams (all sports - college and professional teams)

Everyday Bows

Although I have not posted them on Etsy yet, I am moving in that direction. In the meantime, check out my Shutterfly pics and e-mail me if you'd like to place an order! These make great gifts!!! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh, your bows are absolutely darling!

  2. Too cute. I'm dying for a little girl to put them on! I love the brown/pink bow...I just made a quilt with the same colors for my etsy shop. Best of luck :)

  3. I love what you have created and I would like to invite you to join a FREE web site dedicated to people with a great talent in crafting. My web site is It would be great if you could share with others. If you are interested you can go to the post “Join hand crafted Creations” at for instructions and directions.

  4. Your bows are beautiful! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  5. Came across your blog today and love it!

  6. WOW! your bows are fabulous!!!! i had set your comment aside to make sure and respond to it later--and of course, i forgot! thank you so much for reminding me!!! woman, you are TOO talented!!!!

    here is my email:

    email me and i will send you my info!

  7. i am wondering what the price range is for you bows? they are wonderful!!!
    you can email me at