Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Destined for the OR

I have certainly had my share of ER visits this year. Seriously, prior to getting pregnant with Matthew, I had one ER visit my whole life. That was back in 7th grade and even then it was related to my uterus!

My mom likes to joke that we have so much in common since we share the same birthday. Same birthmark on our foot, same freckle in our pupil, kidney stones blah blah blah. Well, one thing we DO NOT have in common is a "beautiful uterus," which is how her doctor once described hers. My doctors seem to have a different description for mine..."weird, very unusual, complicated." Oh and my favorite, "Mystery Patient."

Well, here I am - 2 children, 5 pregnancies, 2 c-sections, 3 D&Cs, and one myomectomy later. And then...two weeks ago, on the very day that I was supposed to deliver our baby girl (who we lost at 13 weeks gestation), I lay in the pre-op bay while the nurse administered my IV and explained the surgical procedure ahead...a lithotripsy to blast a kidney stone that was causing a 100% blockage and hydronephrosis of my left kidney. Oh wait, did I mention I only have a left kidney to begin with? That's right folks! I was born with a congenital absence of my right kidney. According to my urologist, "Every stone with you is critical. It is very unusual to have a 100% blockage and even more unusual to only have one kidney." GREAT! Just what I wanted to hear!! I must say, I have become pretty numb to doctors referring to my cases as unusual and very rare. Well, maybe it's all the anesthesia keeping me numb ;) I go back to the urologist on Thursday to HOPEFULLY get the stent removed and devise a plan for prevention of future stones. Until then, lots of lemonade and water! Bottoms up! (pun intended)!

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