Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seasoned Player

With the change of season comes a welcome change of sports in our household. We asked Matthew if he wanted to play soccer again or try something different this Fall (hoping he would chose the latter) and he chose t-ball. Let's just say his coach is ENTHUSIASTIC for lack of a better term ;) Although, as long as Matthew is happy and enjoying himself, that's all we care about. In fact, after the game today, I asked him who won and he said "Oh...I don't know." I was glad to hear his reply because we are trying to teach him the importance of having fun and being a team player rather than focusing on winning the game.

On the way home we stopped at 7-Eleven for his customary "after the game" Slurpee. As he stood on his tip toes, filling his cup to the rim with the icy goodness, it was clear to me then that the real victory today was not which team scored more runs, but that 7-Eleven had his favorite "blue raspberry" flavor. 'Tis the season for Slurpees!


  1. I've never commented on a blog. This is easy :) You're in the wrong time zone.

  2. HEY! I enjoyed reading your blog...I love your writing style! Great, that's all I need, one more internet site to keep from my daily chores! Love the chocolate brown color on the page. OH, & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the title.

    I better go fold laundry before Miss Molly wakes up. I'm sure folding will be more fun as I belt out, "I've got 5 pockets in my overalls...!"