Friday, October 23, 2009

Mums the Word!

This week over at Kelly's Korner, the theme for "Show Us Your Life," is Fall Decorations. How fun!!! I love anything that has to do with decorating so this was a fun post for me :)

"The mailbox with the swirly pumpkin." That would be my house :) This was a grocery store find last year on clearance and it is one of my absolute FAVORITE decorations!

When I think Fall, I think Mums! I LOOOVE mums! When I see homes adorned with mums, I think of falling leaves, football games, crock pot meals, and apple cider. Burnt orange mums are my color of choice this year - I usually get these or burgundy since they are the official Hokie colors!

Along the pathway are my jack-o-lanterns. On Halloween night, I will put an LED light in each one of these guys to light up the walkway for trick-or-treaters :) I thought LED would be a wise choice - don't want any neighborhood pranksters catching my lawn on fire!

When I see wreaths on front doors, I feel like they send a welcoming message. When we moved back up to Northern VA last year, we put an offer on a house in a new development. I remember my sister saying, "I see that the people across the street have a wreath. They must be friendly!" Well, welcome to my home :) Come inside now!

I am a sucker for anything polka dots and stripes so when I saw this candle set at Wegmans, aka the "Happiest Place on Earth," I just had to have them. Okay, well, truth be told, Wegman's is not actually Disney World but it is the next best thing in terms of grocery stores. And speaking of closest, this is the closest thing you will see to SPIDERS in my house!!!!

Aaaahh, the mantle! Any excuse to put lights on the mantle! When we were house hunting, I remember looking at the fireplace and saying, "Oh, these people are smart! They put an outlet on top of the mantle for Christmas lights!"...or Autumn Lights...take your pick!

Here is a picture of my burnt orange lilies and fall leaves on the mantle. SO much prettier at night when it's lit up! On the hearth is my Target basket and hand-me-down fake pumpkin :)

This is my dining room table. I just added orange ribbon to my already existing candlesticks, spread some fake leaves, and put the pumpkins in the middle. Viola - done!

Thanks for stopping by! I will leave you (pun intended) with one of my favorite Fall Wegman's pumpkin lights lit up on the mantle while I sit down and watch The Office on TV tonight!!!


  1. Love it all. I wish I had your decorating skills...Maybe I just need a house first. I I love the dining room table, looks great. Did you enjoy The Office?

  2. You have a key to my house, right? Would you please just let yourself in and decorate for me? Send me the bill.... ;-0

  3. I agree with Anna...the striped and polka dot ones were my fave pic. I just wish we had Wegman's out here in CA. =)

  4. I love that wreath. In fact, I love wreaths, period. But I only put one up at Christmas. I'm going to a craft store today for some stamping stuff. I'm picking up a Fall wreath. As of today, I'll stop being a wreath-underuser. ;)

  5. Ohhh I love those candles! They are the cutest thing!! I also love your mantle and your table centerpiece. You did a wonderful job with your fall decor. I love mums too, but mine just died on me. I don't know why...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! -April