Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too Many Angel Wings Lately

To say kids are naive is an understatement. If only I could go back to childhood for ONE day and experience pure innocence and freedom from all worries. When I think back to my childhood and the things I stressed out about, it's borderline laugh out loud funny. Seriously, like when I kicked a hole in my bedroom door because I was protesting against my sister for locking me in there. I nearly lost my lunch at the thought of Mom and Dad finding out about it. Or the anxiety I would feel when Mr. Baughman would take all us neighborhood kids over to the Oakton High School track to run laps...and record our times. His daughter Brandy was quite the competitive athlete and is to this day. She and Mary K would usually have the quickest running times. Now, I would give ANYTHING...well, anything except my kidney, to have those be my biggest worries. If only I knew it back then...

2009 has been quite a year for worries and stress to say the least. Aside from my own medical drama, and there has been a LOT, much worse things have happened to other people. My sister Kerry lost her son Andrew back in July. He was stillborn and we never got to see him take even one sweet breath. He was so beautiful and perfect and it was/is so difficult to understand why God chose to give him angel wings before we got to spend any time with him here on Earth. Then there's Brandy. She was expecting her first child this week and had a perfectly uneventful pregnancy...until her due date. Due to some complications with labor, her baby Joseph suffered irreversible brain damage and only lived for about 24 hours before succumbing to his injuries. Another set of angel wings given way too soon. Kerry and Brandy are two people who I share so many wonderful, carefree childhood memories with, along with those "stressful" times at the track. I hate that they have this new "thing" in common now. Something noone should have to ever experience. Both of their baby boys have earned their angel wings within a few months of one another. Now when I picture their boys in Heaven, I suddenly have this vision of them running laps around the track trying to win the race. All the while, their moms struggle with the real life marathon of healing and coping with the loss of their precious boys.

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  1. Aw Maureen, this is Robyn (Brandy's sister). I saw you on Brandy's facebook page..Thats a really nice blog you wrote! I can remember you and your family. I can remember my aunt and I thought that you had the most gorgeous eyes and I can see that your daughter has the same beautiful eyes~ Your kids are cuties! I hope all is well with you and your family~