Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick or Treat...Brush Your Teeth

Since Matthew's Kindergarten class does not have a Halloween party, he and I decided to make treat bags for all his classmates. We started off by making gift tags on the computer. Matthew picked the color, font, and clipart for the tags. After we designed them, we printed them out and Matthew signed his name on each one. This was the time consuming part...

Literally, it was quicker to watch water boil than to watch him sign each tag ;) But he did a GREAT job!

Then we cut out the tags and hole-punched each one.

Once the tags were completed, we went down to the basement and sorted all the treats. We had polka dot bags for the girls and ghost bags for the boys. His class has 8 boys and 9 girls this year. I LOVE how small his class is because I feel like it's a good transition from preschool. His preschool class last year had 12 kids.

Matthew and I filled all the bags (the girls got princess -themed treats and the boys got Cars-themed treats.)

Matthew was SO proud of himself at the end. He said "This is great teamwork mom!" Thus the reason for the project! Afterall, my intent was not to give his class cavities. He was having so much fun that he had no idea this was actually a good ol' lesson in following directions, sorting, counting, and sequence. Mission accomplished! Happy Halloween...oh, and don't forget to brush your teeth!

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